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The New English Letters Student Association Cabinet (2023-2024) is Ready to Serve

HMPSSING 2023-2024

The new cabinet of the English Letters student organization has been elected. They introduce themselves as the JEKONIA cabinet. JEKONIA stands for Jelas (Definite), Konsisten(Consistent), and Niat (Motivated). This cabinet start working on November 10, 2023, led by Alfonsia Astara Cinthani as the president and Magnolia Darmawan as the vice president. They are working together with the members and all students to improve the student community in the English Letters Department. The cabinet’s motivation is to facilitate all English Letters’ students to gain positive achievements, including developing academic and non-academic skills to play an active role in our college journey. Furthermore, it aims to establish strong relationship among English Letters students. 
As they officially started the journey (or duties:)) after the swearing-in ceremony, one of the fellow members from the Talent & Interest division, Santi, claimed that being a member of the student association sometimes gives her mixed feelings. “So many things to do, that’s for sure. Maybe because I’m a part of the Talent & Interest division, I will handle all UKPS' events such as Class meetings and ELITE. We must reach out to many people and ensure everything works smoothly.”
Here are the personnels in the cabinet:
President: Alfonsia Astara Cinthani Setyawan (224214012)
Vice President: Magnolia Darmawan (224214105)
Secretary: Ruth Karina Filia (224214112)
Treasurer: Ni Made Elaindani Anandam (224214164)
Human Resource Division
Coordinator: Kristophorus Hendria Budiman (224214047)
  1. Klara Kendra Mituhu Hayuningtias (224214113)
  2. Ni Kadek Ayu Paramita Wirantini (234214034)
  3. Fortuna Devi Gunputri (234214133)
  4. Aurelia Pratiwi (234214065)

Public Relation Division
Coordinator:Rafael Nugroho Putra Susanto (224214130)
  1. Deirdre Aprilia Leiwakabessy (224214116)
  2. Muhammat Afzal Faizi (224214042)
  3. Azizah Wibowo (234214106)
  4. Cyrillus Paska Alta (234214023)

Technology & Communication 
Coordinator: John Patrick Buan (224214086)
  1. Maria Evata Putriantoro (224214115)
  2. Kenar Syalaisha Kanayana (224214194)
  3. Kharisma Candra Dewi (224214099)
  4. Maglita Juane Liouw (234214012)

Talent & Interest Division
Coordinator: Ciptanto Surya Atmaja (224214139)
  1. Kayla C Hadmar (224214146)
  2. Victoria Janice Frenika (224214004)
  3. Elisabeth Arsanti Dewi (224214153)
  4. Arlisya Kannitha Ramasyachri (234214092)
The cabinet hopes that the presence of the cabinet can build trust and transparency among fellow English Letters students. They look forward to supporting and collaborating with all parties in our various projects to create a good relationship between individuals, groups, and the wider community. They also hope that HMPSSING can work well alongside all the English Letters staff and students to create a safe and friendly environment on campus.
Writer: John Patrick Buan (224214086)