Welcoming New Students of 2023

01/09/2023 WIB

The recent Student Orientation for this year's new batch of English Language Studies (ELS) students took place on Monday, August 28th, at the Lontar Room within Sanata Dharma University's Magister building. The event welcomed a total of six students into the program.
The occasion was inaugurated with a warm welcome address by the Head of ELS, Paulus Sarwoto, Ph.D. During his speech, he elaborated on the Academic Rules and Regulations that would guide the students throughout their academic journey. Subsequently, Clara and Lia delivered a presentation on the utilization of SIA (Sistem Informasi Akademik) and the LMS (Learning Management System).

Further enhancing the orientation, the ELS lecturers introduced themselves to the new students, establishing a connection right from the start. The event also featured an informative session highlighting the campus facilities, followed by a campus tour to help the students familiarize themselves with their new surroundings.

Another part of the orientation was a library training session. During this segment, the students were introduced to Mendeley Reference Manager, a vital tool for their academic pursuits.

The entire event transpired smoothly, fostering a positive and enriching atmosphere across all sessions.  (SG)

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