About The Graduate Program in English Language Studies (GP-ELS)

      The Graduate Program in English Language Studies is an interdisciplinary program with three main concentrations:  literature, linguistics, and education. The program accepts students from different disciplines, and they may choose the concentration offered relevant to their final thesis. Upon completion of the program, students are conferred an M.A. degree (M.Hum.) in either English Literature, English Education, or English Linguistics. The graduates of the program will be able to demonstrate knowledge of English studies (literature, linguistics, and education) in its interdisciplinary network with other disciplines and use knowledge of analysis in literary, linguistic, or/and educational theories in their research and profession. In the most recent accreditation, this program has been accredited A by the National Accreditation Board as stated in the Accreditation Letter No. 3562/SK/BAN-PT/Akred/M/IX/2019.