KNB Scholarship Year 2024/2025


Kemitraan Negara Berkembang Scholarship, popularly known as KNB Scholarship, is a financial assistance offered by the Indonesian Government to prospective international students coming from developing countries to pursue their degree (Bachelor, Master or Doctorate Degree) at one of the universities in Indonesia. The scholarship was conceived in the 10th Conference of Heads of States of Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) countries, 1st–6th September 1992. The Government of Republicof Indonesia began to offer the scholarship to potential students from NAM member countries in the following year.

  1. Download the KNB Scholarship Offering Letter from the KNB Scholarship website:
  2. Submit the Offering Letter, Official Passport, English Proficiency Test, (Applicant from non-English-Speaking Countries), Recommendation Letter from Indonesian Embassy, Recommendation from Employer/Immediate Supervisor, Academic Recommendation Letter from Previous Schools, Academic Certificates and Academic Transcripts from Previous Degree, Recommendation Letter from the potential research supervisor in one of the Universities providing partner of the KNB Scholarship (for Doctoral applicant only), Statement of purpose of their studies in Indonesia (for Doctoral applicant only) in website KNB Scholarship;
  3. Complete the online application process.
  4. Selection process.
  5. The Selection Results will be broadcasted online through the KNB Scholarship Website and officially announced through the Indonesian Embassy publication network.

  1. The maximum age to apply for the scholarship is 35 years old.
  2. Hold a Bachelor degree (please provide the scanned degree certificate and academic transcripts in English or Bahasa). Please be advised that Master degree holder is not eligible to apply for the Master Degree scholarship.
  3. Have the English Proficiency Test Score as follows: TOEFL ITP of 500, TOEFL IBT of 61, IELTS of 6.0, TOEIC of 575 (the certificate must be obtained within the last 2 Years). Participants of foreign nationality who come from English-speaking countries, or participants from a university who are enrolled in programs in English (stated in participant diploma/transcript), do not require to submit the English proficiency document, by attaching official proof from their home university.
  4. Provide the recommendation letter to apply for the KNB scholarship from the Indonesian Embassy or the Indonesian Consulate General.
  5. Provide a recommendation letter to apply for the KNB scholarship from The employer/immediate supervisor in English or Bahasa (if working).
  6. Provide Academic Recommendation Letter from previous schools in English or Bahasa.
  7. Provide Academic Certificate and Academic Transcript of Bachelor Degree in English or Bahasa.
  8. Prove of citizenship by submit Official Passport, which is still valid for at least 2 years again.
  9. Complete the online application form in

*Note: Please be advised that document (2), (5), (6), and (7) must be in English or Bahasa

Download KNB Scholarship Guide

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KNB Scholarship Offer Letter

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