Welcoming New Students of 2022

01/09/2022 WIB

       Student Orientation for the new batch of ELS was recently held last Monday, August 29th at the Magister building of Sanata Dharma Univesity. The orientation was conducted in hybrid. While thirteen new students attended offline, two of them joined the event via Zoom meeting.

        The event began with a welcoming speech from the Head of ELS, Paulus Sarwoto, Ph.D. , who later on was also explaining the Academic Rules and Regulations. Afterward, in order to build a connection, there was a short session of introduction for both the lecturers and new students. The next session was the explanation of campus facilities, including the use of SIA and LMS, before proceeding to have a brief campus tour. The orientation ended with training in the library where they were introduced to and taught about Reference Manager Mendeley.

        Overall, the event went well in a lively atmosphere throughout all the sessions and the students would start their first class the next day. (AD)