07/12/2021 WIB


The first ELS TALKS with the topic IT IN ENGLISH EDUCATION was held last Friday, December 3, 2021, via Zoom meeting. Bapak Daniel Ari Widhiatama, S.Pd., M.Hum who is an ELS alumnus as well as a lecturer in Mercu Buana University Yogyakarta was invited as the guest speaker. He elaborated and promoted learner autonomy through technology in English Language Teaching by providing and demonstrating the implementation of a variety of applications and websites that could help learners develop control of their learning process. The discussion, which was originally arranged to be a part of the Foundation of English Education course by Pak Fx. Mukarto, Ph.D., was eventually made available for the public and attended by a total of forty-eight (48) participants from both inside ELS and outside of ELS. Although this is not the first time ELS has conducted a similar event with different names, this event is expected to be held regularly in the future.

One of the participants from Mercu Buana University, Tomi Alwanto stated that “Today's seminar was great. Thank you so much for the amazing topic, good speaker, and thanks to all committee. After I joined the seminar. I have a lot of knowledge about technology in language learning as future teachers (educational background) we need to know and understand technology to support in managing class. for the next, I am waiting for another seminar with the great topic”. The guest speaker, Pak Daniel shared his thought by stating that, “ELS TALKS is a breakthrough by English Language Studies Graduate Program that could be a forum to upgrade students’ and all participants’ knowledge with the current up-to-date issues and trends in language teaching and other fields. From the experience being shared, a new perspective could arise which promotes a discussion inside the forum. This event could also be a medium to introduce ELSGP USD to broader audiences.”. (CP)