The 10th Graduate Students Conference 2021

09/11/2021 WIB

The 10th Graduate Students Conference 2021

The 10th Graduate Students Conference was held last Saturday, November 6, 2021, via Zoom meeting. Preceding the conference is the Retirement Ceremony for Dr. Benedictus Bherman Dwijatmoko, M.A who has thoroughly dedicated his time and energy for Sanata Dharma University, especially English Language Studies Graduate Program for twenty-three (23) years. Under the main theme “The Pandemic Imagination: Reading and Teaching Language and Literature in Time of Crisis”, Dr. Willy A. Renandya from the National Institute of Education Nanyang Technological University as the plenary speaker led the discussion on emphasizing the importance of reading and listening in English acquisition and proficiency. Meanwhile, for the parallel session, twenty-one (21) Presenters, divided into 4 sub-themes, also presented their research papers to a total of thirty-seven (37) participants. The event was successful in becoming an engaging space for scholars from across Indonesia as well as some scholars from the Philippines.

The chair of the committee of the 10th GSC, Yohanes Widiasmoro, responded to this year’s conference by stating, “It was a great honor to be the chairperson of an international conference. Being the chairperson was an opportunity that I'd never imagined. It wasn't easy for me but all credits go to all committee members, campus officials (mbak Marni, student workers), and lecturers who helped me a lot in the process. Then, I hope that the next GSC could be better than this GSC. And I hope it will be held offline”. (CP)

The link to the conference streaming video can be accessed here