The 12th Graduate Students Conference 2022 Event Report

06/06/2023 WIB

The English Language Studies Graduate Program has conducted another event with success. Last Monday (6/5) marked the 12th annual Graduate Student Conference (GSC). Now that the pandemic has passed, the conference can be conducted in a hybrid system where presenters and attendees can choose to attend online or offline. This year's GSC theme is "Practicing Digital Literacy for Future Education," which was inspired by concerns over the accelerated development of robotic or AI technology. Consequently, two credible lecturers are invited to elaborate on this concept. Dr.Sn. Yusup Sigit Martyastiadi, S.T., M.Inf.Tech. from Universitas Multimedia Nusantara as the first speaker, followed by FX. Risang Baskara M.Hum, Ph.D. from Universitas Sanata Dharma.

The first plenary speaker, Dr.Sn. Yusup Sigit Martyastiadi, S.T., M.Inf.Tech, discussed how technology was initially used as a tool, but has since advanced to the point where it can imitate the five human senses. He also stated that the use of AI frequently leads to the loss of the meaning of learning, that it raises concerns about authenticity, and that we, as humans, must train our critical thinking in order to confront AI-based technology. FX. Risang Baskara M.Hum, Ph.D., the second plenary speaker, stated that AI should only be used to supplement, not supplant, our teaching and learning activities. Involving relevant stakeholders such as students, faculty, administrators, and policymakers, he emphasized the need to promote ethical awareness in AI education. The moderator of the plenary session, Widiana Martiningsih, concludes the discussion by stating that critical thinking skills must be fostered in both educators and students, and that a dedicated policy may be necessary. To differentiate human works from AI-generated content, educators must comprehend the operation, limitations, and implications of AI use.

During the parallel session, 15 papers on ten sub-themes were presented to 15 participants from Universitas Sanata Dharma and other universities. While many presenters discuss their thoughts and struggles regarding the short amount of time they had to prepare, the conference remains informative for both presenters and attendees.