11th LSC “Geopolitics and Literature: Reimagining The Past, Present, and Future"

09/10/2023 WIB

The 11th Literary Studies Conference (LSC) was held on October 3-4, 2023, jointly organized by the Graduate Program in English Language Studies (Magister KBI) and English Letters Department at Sanata Dharma University (USD). The conference was hosted in cooperation with the Consortium of Island Studies comprising of several universities both foreign and domestic.

The conference was conducted in a hybrid format, with in-person sessions at USD Campus I and Campus II, as well as online sessions through the Zoom meeting platform. Six speakers from various international institutions were invited to present on the connection between literature and geopolitics, exploring the impact of global issues and challenges that affect geopolitical changes and have implications for language, literature, and culture. This conference was open to the public and was attended by participants from a variety of countries, including Indonesia, the Philippines, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Korea, Japan, India, Russia, Australia, Korea, and the Netherlands.

The 11th Literary Studies Conference delves into the theme of "Geopolitics and Literature: Reimagining The Past, Present, and Future" to examine how global issues and challenges shape the ever-changing geopolitical landscape.
The 11th LSC is divided into six sessions, two of which will feature six distinguished invited speakers. These speakers include Ian Buchanan, Ph.D. (Wollongong University in Australia), Dalan Mehuli Perangin-angin, Ph.D. (Sanata Dharma University), Koichiro Kokubun (The University of Tokyo in Japan), Woosung Kang (Seoul National University), Chun-Mei Chuang (Soochow University in Taiwan),  Evgeny Blinov (University of Tyumen in Russia), and Alex Taek-Gwang Lee (Kyunghee University).