Career Opportunities

Career Opportunities

In PBI, you will take many different courses that cover a wide range of topics related to English. Thus, various career opportunities are wide open for PBI students.

Here are some career options through PBI that we have listed.
Pick one for you and make it happen with PBI!

1. Teacher

Becoming a teacher in schools or language courses is one of the career paths you can take after graduating from PBI. A career in education offers you the chance to make a real, marked improvement in other people’s lives. You are a gatekeeper of knowledge and with knowledge comes opportunities. What greater satisfaction can there be in life than providing opportunities for people to learn and grow?

2. Content Creator or English Online Teacher 
Recent technological advances have affected many areas of our lives, including education. It opens up opportunities for PBI students to become online teachers or content creators. It also allows you to reach wider audience. You can create asynchronous contents on Youtube or conduct synchronous communication with your students using teleconference tools. 

3. Journalist

PBI graduates can also become journalists since major newspapers in Indonesia have been using English in their articles such as The Jakarta Post, Tempo and Antaranews. In PBI, you can learn how to write a quality news article and sharpen your public speaking skill.

4. Interpreter and Translator

Becoming a translator or interpreter is suitable for those who want to have a challenging career that offers a flexible schedule. Since you will read a good amount of texts, it will provide you with valuable information about different cultures, or events, enriching your general knowledge and sharpening your mind. There are some subjects in PBI that prepare you to take this career. 

5. English for Specific Purpose (ESP) trainer

The field of ESP has rapidly developed to become the major part in English language teaching. PBI students are trained to manage English courses that meet learners’ needs. So, you can also establish your own business by creating English lessons which adjust to your clients’ needs. 

6. Linguist

Becoming a linguist is another opportunity for PBI graduates, particularly those who choose linguistics concentration. The responsibility of a linguist includes carrying out the logic of word formation in a language, analyzing the complex nature of diction and examining the interaction of language elements.

7. Hospitality industry operator

As an international language, English becomes mandatory for every individual working in this industry. In addition, English has also become a global standard of professionalism and top service. This hospitality service is usually used as the main choice for international travelers, either for business or leisure, from tourists to government officials.