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Dialogue Magazine

What is Dialogue magazine? Many students of ELESP are wondering about this one of PBI’s clubs. Some frequent questions are always coming from them, such as what Dialogue magazine is, how many times we produce the magazine, what the special features of Dialogue are, how long we have produced the magazine, etc. Surely, you can find that overall information in the community article. However, for this part, we want to deepen your knowledge about our Dialogue teams’ work in producing a magazine. Let’s say this is spilling time from behind the scenes of Dialogue magazine.

As written in the community article, Dialogue Magazine is one of ELESP’s clubs which allows people to experience the perks of being a young journalist. In other words, Dialogue Magazine is a place for people who want to share their creativity in the field of journalism. We produce a magazine twice a year, in April and October. To produce a high-quality magazine, Dialogue teams should go through a long process to achieve it. We need around 5 months for producing one magazine each semester. There are nine major steps that we need to take before publishing a magazine, such as article coverage, writing, editing, revising, proofreading, layout, reviewing layout, printing, and publishing.

If you want to read all of our magazine issues, you can click here

(Written by Febrita Anggun/ Dialogue Magazine Managing Editor)