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The ELESP of Sanata Dharma is one of the top educational colleges in Yogyakarta. What does it offer and how does it attract its students? Whether you have close ties to Sanata Dharma’s ELESP, or you’re developing an interest, these are some facts you don’t want to miss.

One of the top majors
This study program is one of the pioneer programs of Sanata Dharma University, which has been around since 1955. The ELESP is one of the accredited study programs with an A (excellent) score, thus becoming one of the favorite study programs at Sanata Dharma University.

An opportunity to develop your acting skills
Play Performance, one of the English Education Study Program courses at Sanata Dharma University offers students in semester 5 or 6 a once-in-a-lifetime chance to perform on stage. Quite challenging yet fun, since it is presented in English! Play Performance is a place to build and develop students’ skills, be it theatrical skills or soft skills in working together, being responsible, disciplined, open-minded, and dynamic in groups. The play is also enlivened by featuring UKM Karawitan Sanata Dharma or Driyarkara Orchestra.

Edupreneurship? Go for it!
SPD before S.Pd! What is it? SPD is one of the compulsory subjects in the seventh and eighth semesters for ELESP USD students. It requires the students to come at 06:00 am every Monday. SPD lectures are always held at the Central Building of the Sanata Dharma University by wearing a dress code of high heels, blazers and skirts for women, and suits and ties for men. Amid the SPD course, students have to compete to “hunt” for clients who will be taught English afterward. Students work to become professionals who will be paid professionally by their clients.

Learn other languages
It's obvious that in ELESP Sanata Dharma, you'll learn English to its origin. However, learning basic Asian languages such as Korean, Japanese, and Chinese are also accessible here. French is within reach as well as a part of the elective course outside the study program. By learning different languages other than English, it can help our brain understand the nature and the logic of the languages. Our lecturers are highly competent and tech-friendly. In some cases, there will be native speakers to share their knowledge and cultural aspects of the languages. Even so, those courses are optional, not compulsory.

Understanding of cultural diversity
As identity and culture are inseparable, how far do you understand culture? Culture is something attached to a certain group of people. This includes us as a part of a family, ethnic or racial group, and a nation. Culture embraces language, knowledge, habits, manners, religion, cuisine, dress, laws and norms, and many other aspects. Overall, culture is us and the way of life. In ELESP Sanata Dharma, there is a course program called Cross-Cultural Understanding that facilitates students' concern regarding Eastern and Western cultural similarities and differences. This will help students to understand, adapt, and behave wisely in a multicultural environment.

Thesis or research paper? Freedom of choice!
ELESP Sanata Dharma offers two options for their students in their final project required for graduation. Before they get their Sarjana Pendidikan (S.Pd) degree, they must do academic writing. There are two types of academic writing; thesis and research papers. The thesis requires 30 pages in minimum, while the research paper requires 15 pages. A research paper is a good alternative for those who struggle with various considerations in writing a thesis, right? However, both options should be consulted with the advisor.

Those are the fun facts of Sanata Dharma University’s ELESP that you don't want to miss. Well, there are still many more to tell, why don't you join us to find some more exciting facts and get to know the experience of those facts on your own?

Non-Discrimination Policy of Sanata Dharma University, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Sanata Dharma University is committed to providing everyone with equal access to programs, facilities, admissions, and opportunities. The University tolerates no harassment and prevents discrimination against any person because of age, race, skin color, ancestry, national origin, religion, physical disability, and gender, for example. All inquiries concerning the non-discrimination policy can be directed to Sanata Dharma University, Jalan Affandi, Mrican, Caturtunggal, Depok, Sleman, Yogyakarta 55281, Indonesia, Email: humas@usd.ac.id, Telephone: 62 0274 513301, Whatsapp: 0812 2667 4334. For more info, refer to: Dokumen USD