Welcome to ELESP Sanata Dharma University. This is the main entrance of the university which will welcome you as you come.

Driyarkara Auditorium is the most well-known building in Sanata Dharma. Many of the campus events were held in this building especially for the annual events of ELESP such as Play Performance and English Action Days.


The Sanata Dharma University library offers many kinds of literary works form academic literary, journal and e-journal, e-book, magazine, and even novels.




Student hall is the place where most of the students from any study programs gather to do their assignments, having group discussions, or even just have some meals and chats with friends.

Lorong Cinta or for short LorCin is a place where most of ELESP students spend their time here just to have a talk with friends or waiting for the next class.


Micro Teaching class is a place where the students will practice their teaching skills in the laboratory which equipped with several modern learning equipment such as LCD projectors, drop-down screen, document camera, multimedia computers, white board, moveable chair, etc.


Lab MM or Multimedia Laboratory provides students with plenty of computers and strong internet connection. Through this facilities students have the chance to broaden their knowledge about the teaching and learning media such as writing, interpreting, TOEFL practice, and many more.


Students of ELESP are also facilitated with an Audio Laboratory that equipped with proper audio-visual equipment and 60 units of booth along with the headphone for each student.



In the middle of the postgraduate building, there is garden with a huge Banyan Tree which most known as Beringin Soekarno. In Beringin Soekarno, there is several gazeboes that usually used by students to do a group discussion, assignment, or even to just talk.

ELESP facilitates students with plenty of classrooms downstairs and upstairs. Every classroom provides with LCD projectors, white board, and also air conditioner (AC) for some classrooms.