International Program

A way to see the world

PBI Sanata Dharma University provides the best academic possibilities to ensure students' success. One of which is by offering a diverse range of international programs to help students become well-rounded in a variety of areas.

It's a privilege to be granted the freedom to carve your own route to success, let alone to have full support along the way. Let's hear Theresia Marsha Prawatya, a former student of PBI Sanata Dharma University, speak about her experience enrolling in PBI's international programs.

“There’s no other way I would spend the insights and abilities I reaped from being a proud ELESP student, than in the International Program such as Service Learning Program and International Teaching Practice. Not only my perspective about education, but also my mindset of living life was changed completely. KKN and PPL had been my two biggest fear since day one, but thanks to the International Program, I wouldn’t mind-no, I would even be more than grateful if I have to retake them for another 10 times.”

Although teaching practicum is something every FKIP students must go through, the International Teaching Practice is not your usual PPL/Magang. The opportunity takes students participants out of the country to implement their teaching passion and knowledge directly. By participating in the International Teaching Practice, you will bring back not only a course grade, but also interpersonal growth from a once in a lifetime experience like never before.

Held to implement the values of Ignatian pedagogy in everyday life, Service Learning Program (SLP) is the Association of Jesuit Colleges and Universities in Asia Pacific (AJCU-AP)’s annual event. The program is a credited, packed 3-week-long journey of complete holistic learning experience. Student participants are taken into relishing first-hand encounter, interaction, and dialogue with respecting parties and occurrences. Although the host country and theme change each year, the presence of: Pre-SLP, workshops, reflection sessions, immersion, discussion, and Post-SLP is permanent.