The International Teaching Practicum (ITP) Program Batch 2, 2024

Wed, 05 Jun 2024

The English Language Education Study Program (ELESP) for the second time conducted an International Teaching Practicum in Thailand held from January 17 to February 16, 2024. This time, it was a collaboration of the ELESP of Sanata Dharma University and three educational institutions under the Archdiocese of Bangkok.
Those are Mae Pra Fatima School located in Bangkok; St. Raphael School located in Samut Prakan; and the Holy Family National Seminary Intermediate Seminary located in Rangsit. In the program, six students participated and each of them got a different placement in one of the three partner institutions.
ITP is a program designed to emphasize the cross-cultural teaching journey for the future teachers. Embedded knowledge of teaching and learning of the students gained throughout their 5 semesters were implemented during the ITP. Not only that, this program is also facilities the students to see the world better and better. The amazing journey is now shared to the world through this magazine presented by the six awardees of the second batch of ITP.

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