PBI Sanata Dharma University empowers Melcosh Cafe and Glamcamp with English Communication Skills 

Mon, 16 Oct 2023

Having been established for seven years in the tourist area of Kaliurang, Yogyakarta, Melcosh Café and Glamcamp are continuing to expand their market. With a growing and consistent number of visits from foreign customers, the café business has now ventured into the international market.

To effectively serve international customers, the staff at Melcosh Café and Glamcamp need to have active English communication skills. To meet this need, a team of English trainers from the English Education program at Sanata Dharma University organized an active English communication training with a role-play method for Melcosh Café and Glamcamp staff. This is also a part of Sanata Dharma University’s community service programs demonstrating effective collaboration between lecturers and students. 

The program was organized by the dedicated efforts of lecturers Mega Wulandari, Rina Astuti Purnamaningwulan, and Thomas Wahyu Prabowo Mukti, with valuable contributions from students Kezia Christy, Fransisca Tyas, Odellia Bunga, Bagus Ivan, Hieronimus Pandu, and Dhimas Nugaraha. Their collaboration exemplifies the university's commitment to community service. 

This training took place from May 4, 2023, to the final session on June 8, 2023. The entire training program was conducted in a room of the Sanjaya School Directorate, located at Jalan Kaliurang km 23, Hargobinangun, Sleman, Yogyakarta. The participants in this training were fourteen employees of Melcosh Café & Glamcamp, consisting of staff from the customer service division, waiters, cooks, and other operational personnel. 

With specially developed modules tailored to the restaurant and hospitality industry context, the role-play-based training was carried out over one month, comprising eight sessions. After undergoing intensive training for a month, the fourteen participants, including baristas, waiters, cooks, customer service representatives, and operational staff, were able to enhance their English language skills from a passive level to an active one, particularly in the context of serving and accommodating the needs of international customers at the café and Glamcamp.

Andri, a staff of Melcosh Café who participated in the training, shared his experience, saying, "I feel more confident in speaking English after attending this training. Role-play helped me practice English in real-life situations, and I feel better prepared to serve international customers." Hernita, another participant in the training, added, "I'm glad that our company provides opportunities like this. We understand the importance of communicating effectively with international customers, and this training is a positive step in improving our skills."

This training received full support from the company's management. Andreas Satriawan Kusumanto, the manager of Melcosh Café, hopes that this effort will boost the reputation of Melcosh Café and Glamcamp as a friendly destination for foreign tourists in Yogyakarta. "We hope that this training will help our employees provide better service to all our customers, regardless of their origin." Andreas added.

Melcosh Café and Glamcamp are not only expanding their market but also enhancing their services and improving their staff’s proficiency in English to make sure that they continue to be a top choice for visitors from around the world.