3 ELESP Students Join Kampus Mengajar 5

Thu, 13 Jul 2023

The Ministry of Education, Culture, Research and Technology establishes the Merdeka Belajar Kampus Merdeka (MBKM) Program to overcome the educational problems in Indonesia. The participants of this program are higher education students in Indonesia. Kampus Mengajar is one of the MBKM’s programs, and around 18,000 higher education students in Indonesia participated in this program.

This is a part of the learning and teaching activities in the basic education units of the MBKM program. This program was implemented offline from February 20-16 June 2023. Kampus Mengajar Batch 5 program aims to provide opportunities for students to learn and develop themselves through activities outside college life. The Sanata Dharma ELESP’20 Student who joined Kampus Mengajar Batch 5 Program was placed in different schools, Maria Benedicta at SD Kanisius Bogor, Mathilda Galuh Maharkesri at SD Negeri Cancangan, and Eleonora Connie Pramesthi at SD Negeri Kiyaran 1.

In the Kampus Mengajar Batch 5 Program, ELESP students contribute to developing education in Indonesia by increasing students' literacy and numeracy skills. Moreover, ELESP students collaborate with teachers at school to create new innovations in the teaching and learning process through several programs. Through this program, three of us develop soft and hard skills. What fun teaching and learning!

Enhancing student’s motivation in literacy skills

Collaboration with the students to manage the library

Improving students' numeracy skill through Kincir Angka (Cirka)

Creating a reading corner for every class

Giving trash cans for the implementation of the 3R program

Teaching in English extracurricular 

Technology adaptation using laptop and mobile phone

Having some fun with the students by playing games

Nobar Edukasi Program

Kamis Pahing celebration

Meaningful Easter celebration

Farewell to Kampus Mengajar Batch 5 team with the stakeholders

Our vlog as Kampus Mengajar 5 members

Our podcast with teacher

By MMC-ers Maria Benedicta (201214018), Mathilda Galuh Maharkesri (201214069), and Eleonora Connie Pramesthi (201214138)

Edited by Barli Bram

Mass Media Communication or MMC for short is an enrichment course.