Collaboration with Melcosh Cafe, Roastery, and Glamcamp

Mon, 31 Oct 2022

A team of community service consisting of lecturers and students of English Language Education and Management Study Programs in collaboration with LPPM (Lembaga Penelitian dan Pengabdian Masyarakat) Universitas Sanata Dharma held a community service program in Melcosh Cafe, Roastery, and Glamcamp.  Melcosh is located in Kaliurang and one of its goals is to help the operation of some Catholic Schools around Yogyakarta. 

The community service program aimed to help the management of Melcosh Cafe, Roastery, and Glamcamp to boost their promotional activities by designing and creating menu books and leaflets in English. This program was conducted in several steps and done from August to October 2022. First, the team conducted interviews and observations to know Melcosh better and later to understand what they need. After we recognized the needs, we then formulated strategies to boost the restaurant’s exposure and confirmed them to the management of the restaurant. Second, the team assisted the marketing staff in making the menu and leaflet. It consisted of how to take appealing food pictures and how to design and create the menu and leaflet. Other than that, the team assisted Melcosh staff in terms of English language accuracy.

The results of this program were a digitized menu and leaflet. With a more well-designed menu book and leaflet in English, it is expected that more people will be attracted to visit Melcosh, including international visitors. The digital version hopefully helps potential customers get the information they need and more people know this restaurant.