Beautiful Ornamental Plant Caladium

Tue, 17 May 2022

To ornamental plant lovers, caladium is certainly no stranger to them. Originally, caladium is an ornamental plant from Central America and South America. This plant is included in the Araceae or taro family. The main characteristic of caladium ornamental plants is that the shape of the leaves resembles the symbol of a heart.  Caladium consists of several types, such as Ace of Heart, Spring Fling, Batik Caladium, Caladium Gingerland, and Caladium Moonlight. Beautiful leaf shapes, cheap prices and easy to plant are some of the reasons why many people love this plant. This ornamental plant also symbolizes strong and loyal friends, and firm promises. Interestingly, a myth or ancient story says that the bigger the planted caladium in the yard, the bigger the fortune for the owner. Well, are you interested in owning this ornamental plant? (based on various sources)

Caladium Gingerland

Ace of Heart

Spring Fling and Keladi Batik

Keladi Batik

Text and pictures by PBI MMC-ers: Theresia Davina Astrid Amanda (191214036) and Dewi Nawangwulan Puspaningrum (191214130)
Editor: Barli Bram