No Covid, What?

Wed, 06 Apr 2022

No covid, what? Well, let's check out the following, ok? One: We can breathe freely without wearing a mask. We can go out anytime we want without thinking about wearing a mask. We will wear the best make-up we can have. But if we wear no mask, we cannot go out without make-up because nothing covers up our face, making some of us unconfident.

Two: We must not stay at home for over two years.
 In the first year of Covid (2019), many people stayed at home. They did not go on vacation and back to their hometowns because of travel restrictions imposed by the government.

Three: We will have a better high school memory.
 Covid may prevent us from having a good time at school because of social restrictions in school activities. The school divides into sessions so we can’t meet other friends. We will not find many friends or talk with a student in the same session.


Four: We might attend university events offline and meet many friends. At university compounds, campus introduction programmes are held for new students in the first year of their studies. Because of Covid, we should attend it online from home. I felt the vibes of the event reduced because we just watched everything on the screen. 

Five: We cannot go to school without taking a bath. We can start a zoom session five minutes after getting up and forget to take a bath. We would turn on a laptop and join zoom as fast as we can. Fun facts you should know, that your teacher never asks you whether you take a bath or not.

Six: We will not easily panic just because we can’t smell anything. One of the Covid symptoms is that we can’t smell anything. We will get panic and do a swab right away after we feel it. We can carry on self-isolation when your place is far away from a medical facility.

Seven: We might not have the skill of multitasking well if  Covid doesn’t come. Covid teaches us to multitask, especially when we are on a zoom meeting. We can even cook and have a class at the same time. This skill helps us to save time in the morning and make you enjoy the class.

Eight: We can bother our friend we can’t go out because of cough. Covid has a positive effect, and this is one of them. We can bother our friends when we are too lazy to go out. Cough is one of the things we are avoiding. We can use it as an excuse. Be careful if your friend calls the covid task force. I do not recommend this if you have a serious friend.

Text and pictures by PBI USD IGU-er: Patrica Amanda Suwantara, ID 211214013
IGU stand for Intermediate Grammar in Use, one of the compulsory courses
Focused topics: Phrases (NP, VP, PP, AdjP and AdvP) and Modals (can, will, would, might, should ...)
Editor: BB