The 2023 ICPST

Workshop ICPST

Emancipatory Approaches in Community-based Research and Practice
Sanata Dharma University – Yogyakarta
July 28, 2023


Conducting psychological research and practice in community settings requires different and non-conventional frameworks and processes, such as those informed by emancipatory perspectives. These perspectives have encouraged researchers to work with diverse and creative methods, including the use of participatory arts, to promote collective health, well-being and empowerment.   
This workshop invites students, researchers and practitioners to discuss, explore and reflect on the strengths, methods, values and ethical orientations associated with creative and emancipatory approaches to community research and practice.
Orienting questions guiding the workshop include: Why use creative and emancipatory approaches in community research and practice? Why use participatory art programs and how do these look like in practice? What are the strengths and possibilities of such approaches? What are the key values and ethical considerations orienting emancipatory research and practice?

Main Topics
  1. Diverse enactments of creative and emancipatory approaches to community research and practice.
  2. Values, concepts, methods and ethics in emancipatory research and practice
  1. Prof. Christopher Sonn (Community Psychologist, Victoria University, Australia)
  2. Dr. Jony E. Yulianto (Social Psychologist, Ciputra University, Indonesia)
  3. Dr. Monica E. Madyaningrum (Community Psychologist, Sanata Dharma University, Indonesia)
  4. Prof. Darrin Hodgetts (Societal Psychologist, Massey University, New Zealand)