About PBI

The ELESP of Sanata Dharma is one of the top educational colleges in Yogyakarta. What does it offer and how does it attract its students? Whether you have close ties to Sanata Dharma’s ELESP, or you’re developing an interest, these are some facts you don’t want to miss.

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What You Will Learn in PBI

In PBI USD, you will learn English linguistics, literature, and pedagogy.  You will also be trained to be proficient and skillful to communicate in English as well as to be able to manage English lessons based on TPACK. Integrating competence, conscience, compassion, and commitment through the paradigm of Ignatian Pedagogy, PBI USD aspires to prepare you to be eduprenuers with academic excellence and humanistic values.

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Career Opportunities

Career Prospects for PBI graduates

Here are several career choices & prospective jobs for PBI graduates. 

  • Teacher 
  • Content creator or English online teacher 
  • Journalist 
  • Interpreter and translator 
  • English for specific purpose trainer 
  • Linguist 
  • Hospitality industry operator 

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International Programs

A way to see the world

PBI Sanata Dharma University provides the best academic possibilities to ensure students' success. One of which is by offering a diverse range of international programs to help students become well-rounded in a variety of areas.

It's a privilege to be granted the freedom to carve your own route to success, let alone to have full support along the way. Let's hear Theresia Marsha Prawatya, a former student of PBI Sanata Dharma University, speak about her experience enrolling in PBI's international programs.

Studying in PBI has become an amazing eye-opening experience for me. It offered me an opportunity to develop not only my English skill, but also my creativity, responsibility, and humanity. I might have not been able to experience studying abroad if it was not because of PBI through the exchange programme. 

The lecturers are really cool too! They are very positive, supportive, and tech-literate! You surely will be taught to make use of fun teaching media in their awesome labs!

LPDP Awardee, University of Southampton

Dionisia Stella
Angkatan 2013

Updated News

Workshop on AI Integration for English Teachers in Bantul Regency

BANTUL, INDONESIA – In a recent initiative to enhance English language teaching, 48 English teachers from the Musyawarah Guru Mata Pelajaran (MGMP) in Bantul Regency participated in an innovative training program focused on integrating Artificial Intelligence (AI) into their teaching methods.

Viva Voce/Defence June 2024

June 2024 Defence Schedule Time Allotment: Four DaysTotal Examinees: 17 Undergraduate Degree in English Education to Earn: Sarjana Pendidikan (S.Pd.) [Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.)]

The International Teaching Practicum (ITP) Program Batch 2, 2024

The English Language Education Study Program (ELESP) for the second time conducted an International Teaching Practicum in Thailand held from January 17 to February 16, 2024. This time, it was a collaboration of the ELESP of Sanata Dharma University and three educational institutions under the Archdiocese of Bangkok.


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