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The Grand Seminar 2022
S2 Kajian Bahasa Inggris | 28 December 2021



The Grand Seminar for the 3rd semester ELS students is scheduled for 24-26 January 2022 (Monday to Wednesday). This seminar helps students shape their thesis proposal before developing it into a full thesis. The following details are important dates and technicalities of the Grand Seminar:


  • The seminar will combine blended meetings. Students present their proposal in person on campus, whereas the non-presenting students join it via Zoom meeting.
  • Presenting students have to do antigen tests in any official test providers within 24 hours before the date of the presentation and are proven non-reactive.
  • Antigen test fees will be reimbursed by the university via the Secretariat up to IDR 100,000. See mbak Marrni for this purpose. 
  • The proposal and its ppt are to be sent to els@usd.ac.id by 17 January 2022
  • After the presentation, the students should revise the proposal and submit it to the thesis supervisor.
  • Google form for thesis supervision will be available soon this December.

Should you need further information, feel free to contact the Chair of ELS (Paulus Sarwoto, Ph.D.) or the Secretariat. 

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